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Mindful Leadership, Holistic Life Coaching, Compassionate Parenting, Transformational Equi-Coaching - a breadth of experience, a depth of impact

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I spent the first 15 years of my career working in standard full-time roles, in a range of corporate and not-for-profit settings, supporting managers and leaders with their personal development. With this firm foundation under my feet, I decided to follow my own coaching advice and pursue my passion.


In 2011 I established my coaching and development practice and have enjoyed every step of the journey since then, supporting 100s of leaders, seekers and new parents to step into their authentic confidence and enjoy life.


I really practice what I preach and I’m committed to lifelong learning. Since starting Realise I have added to my coaching toolkit, gaining numerous professional qualifications and a wealth of experience along the way.


My raison d'être is promoting personal growth and well-being. I am skilled in a range of coaching modalities.  Particular areas of expertise include:


Well-being and a mindful approach to life

Developing your authentic leadership style

Managing with connection and compassion

Leading from a heartfelt vision

Realising the career and lifestyle of your dreams

Stepping into your confident self and overcoming limiting beliefs

Finding your own authentic parenting style

Mindful parenting

Equine Facilitated Learning 

Reiki Healing and EFT


My style is warm and supportive. I encourage my clients to step into the best version of themselves by empowering them to see they hold the answers to their challenges.  If that sounds appealing, contact me to talk about how we can work together to realise your goals and dreams.

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