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"Where ever you go, there you are." Jon Kabat-Zinn



Mindfulness enables us to:
- Feel more present in our daily lives
- Pay attention to our body, mind and emotions
- Develop wisdom and compassion to take wise action

Join us for this 2 hour introductory session to experience the benefits for yourself.

During the session you will have an opportunity to:

  • Explore some of the FAQs that can stop people from trying Mindfulness

  • Practice the art of noticing & paying attention to your senses

  • Develop mindfulness through simple breathing and body-based awareness meditations

  • Learn some simple grounding techniques for everyday life


Compassion, Connection, Communication

This Mindful Relationships workshop offers an opportunity to pause, spend time in nature and reconnect with an inner sense of well-being.  This precious time to connect with self will support your connection with those around you.

Mindful Relationships is designed for anyone interested in mindfulness & communication. No experience of horses is required.

During the session you will:

  • Explore our very own HEART model of mindful relationship building

  • Appreciate why compassion is the foundation to connecting with our authentic self and with others.

  • Practice some simple and practical techniques to stay grounded in your communications with others.  

  • The session will culminate by practicing mindful compassion to build a heart-centred connection with a member of the herd. 



Sessions can take place over Zoom or next to the beautiful Bambesch forest alongside my gentle herd of equines.


These events can be arranged as private sessions to fit with your busy diary.  They are also arranged as group events throught the year


Contact me to discuss private and group options

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A six-week Mindfulness-Based Coaching Programme to support you to feel at home wherever you are

Modern life can leave us feeling disconnected, maybe dissatisfied and experiencing a nagging sense of dis-ease.  AT HOME is a nurturing mindfulness-based coaching programme that invites you to feel truly at home with yourself in the present moment.


The six-week programme offers a mix of coaching, reflection and meditation practice to introduce you to mindfulness and self-compassion or to invite you to revisit and build upon the foundations of your existing meditation practice with beginner’s mind.


During the 6 weeks we will explore:

  • Awareness & autopilot

  • Thinking and perceiving

  • Here and now

  • Owning feelings

  • Mental patterns

  • Establishing your ongoing practice


The programme is organized on a bespoke basis so can be scheduled to suit your busy diary.



Sessions can take place in-person or via video call. There is also the option to harness the benefits of nature and mindful Equine Facilitated Learning and have sessions next to the beautiful Bambesch forest alongside my gentle herd of equines.


I invite you to join me and come back to a sense of completeness and compassionate acceptance with yourself. To feel at home in your body. At home with your feelings.  At home in your mind. At home on this planet.


€650 for 6 x 90 minute one-to-one sessions. 

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