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"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but…it helps us also develop inner happiness and peace.” The Dalai Lama

My parenting coaching is aimed at empowering you to feel confident and grounded in your own unique parenting approach

Mother and Baby in Autumn


Being a parent is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging roles many of us play.  Making the transition to parenthood, as we plan to become new parents and welcome our baby into the world is one of the most significant life changes we can face.

Supporting our children as they grow can be bittersweet. The pride in watching them achieve each milestone and slowly but surely grow in independence can be mingled with a sense of loss for the age and stage before.  Each time we have ‘mastered’ a phase of childhood, our children evolve requiring us to develop new parenting skills and ways of being to ‘meet them where they are at’.

Bookshops and internet forums are full of advice on how we should parent our babies and children. The array of advice can be bewildering and it is often conflicting.  Society has high expectations of us as parents but, particularly living as Expats, often away from our extended family, we can be lacking in genuine support networks to help us through. 

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It is not surprising if at times if you are:

  • Finding it difficult to adapt to life as a new parent

  • Feeling lonely, isolated or unconfident

  • Unsure about the best way to make the transition from milk feeds to solid food

  • Wishing you felt more confident about your parenting decisions now your child is getting older

  • Fed up of shouting so much

  • Wanting to find a way to connect with your child so you enjoy each other’s company again

  • Exhausted and 'running on empty'

  • Feeling like you have lost the real you somewhere in this journey as a parent

Wheat Field


The foundation of my compassionate parenting coaching is a deep knowing that:

  • We all want the best for our children and are doing the best job we can as parents

  • When we are compassionate with ourselves, we create the space and energy to be compassionate parents for our children

  • There is no one ‘right way’ to parent. When we create the inner quiet to listen to our intuition we hold the answer

I am a qualified coach with over 10 years' experience specifically supporting parents on their journey to parenthood and beyond. I hold a Diploma in Postnatal Group Facilitation and a certificate in Infant Feeding as well as numerous coaching qualifications to support you develop insight, confidence and well-being as a parent.



I am trained in offering Infant Feeding support and run regular Introducing Solid Food workshops for parents preparing to make the transition to complimentary feeding. These workshops are informative and confidence building and also offer the opportunity to meet other parents with babies of a similar age. Current dates can be found on our partner website or Introducing Solid Foods Facebook page.

I can also offer private sessions, on request, at a date to suit you.  Private sessions can be organised one-to-one, for couples or why not get together with a group of new-parent friends.  One-to-one sessions can take place in person or over video call.

Contact me to book your first session or to arrange a 20 minute no obligation ‘get acquainted call to discuss how I can support you to access your compassionate, centred and connected parent within.

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