Reflect, Recognise, Revitalise & Realise Your Best Life

At Realise I integrate over 20 years of coaching experience to offer mindful growth.  I specialise in supporting individuals in transition whether it is mindful leadership, holistic life coaching, compassionate parenting , equi-coaching or the energy healing modalities of Reiki and EFT, I can tailor a coaching package to meet your unique needs.

Upcoming Events

  • Vision Board Workshop
    ven. 11 nov.
    11 nov., 13:00 – 16:30
    Bereldange, Bereldange, Walferdange, Luxembourg
    Get creative and set clear and compelling intentions by creating your own unique Vision Board
  • Monthly Monday lunchtime Meditation (1)
    Generally the first Monday of each month
    Generally the first Monday of each month
    Join with others to share a 30 minute guided meditation and short reflective talk each month. Sessions typically take place on the first Monday of each month at 12.00 - 12.30 CET. They take place on Zoom and are free to join.


Being genuinely listened to and understood is an invaluable experience. 

Listening to and understanding ourselves is where true personal growth occurs. 

By being heard, seen and encouraged to challenge our limiting beliefs we reach new heights of insight and awareness. 

This is why working with a skilled coach or facilitator is such an empowering experience.  

Get in touch and work with me to create the time, space and energy to achieve your goals and realise the life, relationships, or career you dream of.

I’m Kate Ensor and I’m a coach who helps people harness and grow their personal resources to overcome life’s challenges. I work with people facing life’s big transitions.  Life transitions like:

  • Moving into a leadership role

  • Changing career

  • Living as an expat

  • Finding a new direction in your life

  • Becoming a parent

  • Rediscovering your joi de vivre and vitality


Different changes, that require you to answer similar questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What matters to me?

  • What is my unique contribution?

  • What is currently holding me back?

  • How can I move forward?

And, perhaps most importantly, "How can I experience more joy in the life I am currently living?"


If you want to answer these questions and find more joy and fulfilment in your life, give me a call to book your first session or arrange a free 20 minute exploration session to find out how coaching could support you to live a life you love.


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